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Are You Ready for a Brand Evolution?

When was the last time you updated your hairstyle? How about your wardrobe? Unless you’re sporting a mullet, adjusting your leg warmers or slipping on a fanny pack for a quick jog around the mall, you’ve probably tailored your personal image along with the trends of the times. But what about your business? Does your brand image need a facelift?

A logo is the primary face of your brand identity. And just like clothes, shoes and hairstyles, logos need to keep up with the times. Corporations from automotive companies, to technology and communications, even world wide non-profits have seen the need for brand evolution. The older the company, the more often they have reinvented themselves. But why?

Because styles evolve, and so should your brand

Shell Logo

The evolution of Shell Corporation

The Shell Corporation has one of the most recognizable logos in the world. It has changed, not dramatically, but stylistically, to follow the trends in graphic design. It’s a great example for those fearful of change, for it’s a slow evolution in this case. Quality design is refined and modernized to keep up with the society who buys their products. Makes sense, right?

Form Follows Function

In every business there is innovation that inspires us to improve. Fax machines revolutionized business to business communication. Computers, the internet and now smart-phones are changing the landscape once again. Can you imagine your workday without checking email or making a copy? Technology that improves business has to be well thought, built into the budget and for the good of the future of the company. Now apply the same approach to your branding. Drag that logo off the dusty shelf, where it shares space with the roll-a-dex and mimeograph machine, and give it a facelift.

logo trends from LogoLounge

dandelion as logo inspiration, LogoLounge

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out this link to other logo evolutions. For insight into the logo trends in 2009 I like the posts on LogoOrange, like this one which showcases the top 10 trends in logo design. You might also like the insights of Bill Gardner on LogoLounge where he categorizes some of the unexpected trends in logo design this year.

Bet you never thought designers could get inspiration from a weed…yes, that’s right, a weed, as in dandelion. The kind that sprouts from the ground and distroys your lawn. Who knew.

So, whether these logo trends inspire you to update your brand fashion, or just get you thinking, it’s important to remember one thing. You don’t want to be a bend with every trend that comes in vogue. But don’t let your brand get stuck in a rut by failing to modernize with the times.

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