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Why Brainstorming is like Speed Dating

Everyone knows design by committee is creative suicide. So how do you turn a marketing committee into a productive force? Harness the power of brainstorming and put your collective minds to good use. Remember these strategies for a successful brainstorming session and you’ll be generating ideas like a ping-pong ball in a room full of mousetraps.

Structure is the key to any successful meeting. Here are a few simple strategies to make your next creative session an idea frenzy.

1. You want quantity, not quality.

A brainstorming session is designed to draw ideas out into the open where they can mingle with others. Think of it like speed dating. The more the merrier. And the greater your chances of finding a keeper amongst the duds. That’s why it’s a perfect activity for groups and committees. Like the old cliche, “two heads are better than one,” times ten.

2. All ideas are treated equally.

Anyone can participate in a brainstorming session, from CEOs to file clerks. And since the point of this type of meeting is idea generation, all ideas should be considered. The minute someone feels their ideas are worth less than another they stop contributing. Keep the flow moving forward in a positive direction and watch the energy build.

3. Utilize the power of the group

Another value of group brainstorming is ability to build on each others ideas. One thought sparks another, sometimes with a logical tie-in and sometimes a complete non-sequiter. Feeding off each other is something that can’t be done in a committee of one.

4. Keep it moving

Encourage the discussion of each idea until it’s full potential is exposed, and then move on. It’s easy to delve into one idea and stall the session with details that could be defined later. Explore, expand and exit stage right.

With these tips in mind you’ll be able to turn that tired committee meeting into productive inspiration. For more helpful tips on successful brainstorming check out this article by Dean Rieck on Copyblogger: How to Brainstorm Brilliant Ideas for your Blog.

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