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10 Tips to Build a Better Brand on Facebook

So you’ve got a Facebook page…now what? Small businesses everywhere are realizing the benefits of building their brand image on Facebook. Setting up the page is pretty straight-forward. But where do you go from there? To make that process a little easier for my clients and friends I’ve put together a list of ten simple ways to improve your brand image on Facebook.

10 Tips to Build a Better Brand on Facebook.

1. Tagging
In my opinion, the best feature for businesses on Facebook, hands down, is tagging. Tagging allows your brand to travel around other pages and say “hello,” “thanks for all your help,” or “congratulations, kudos to you!” When you tag a status update on your business page, with the name of another page or Facebook friend, your status appears on their page. It’s great for PR, and reaching out personally to another brand or fan. One word of advice though, be geniune. OK, that’s two words, but you know what I mean. Click here for step-by-step instructions for tagging on Facebook.

2. Use Facebook as your Page
This is a new feature for Facebook, and long awaited among small business users. If you ever wished you could navigate Facebook, making comments or posting on walls as your brand instead of yourself, now you can. You’ll notice a list of links on the right-hand side of your page with the phrase “Use Facebook as “your page name”. Click on this link and you can now interact with Facebook as your brand. And it’s easy to switch back to yourself when you’re ready. You can also make the switch under your Account settings.

3. Become an Expert
If you want fans to interact with your page, show them you’re an expert in your field. Share tips that only someone with your expertise can provide. If you’re a realtor, give suggestions for staging a house for sale. If you own an auto-body shop give maintenance tips for busy moms to keep their car on the road and out of the shop. When the time comes and your help is needed, they’ll know who to call. The ease of sharing makes social media a great place to connect with customers.

4. Maximize your Profile Pic
That tiny square profile pic that appears next to your listing is bigger than you think. Most people choose a small square image, or upload a digital photo, and crop it for their profile pic. But the space allowed for your profile is actually around 200px wide, with a height of up to 600px. So if you’ve been uploading square or horizontal images, you’re missing the boat. Here’s a link that helped me create a vertical Facebook profile for my Traverse Traveler app page.

5. Use your Personality
You’ve heard it before, just be yourself, and on social media that couldn’t be more true. Part of selling a product or business is selling the brand. And brands have personality. So be true to you. Be that guy – that snarky guy, that quote guy, that insider-info guy. Whatever shoe fits, wear it. Proudly and loudly. Unless, of course, you are that shares-personal-information-in-a-borderline-obscene-kinda-way guy. That’s a persona I’d avoid if I were you.

6. Host a Contest
One surefire way to build your brand on Facebook is to host a contest or offer giveaways. There’s just something about FREE that draws ants to the picnic. Trivia questions are popular ways to get your fans involved on a regular basis. But you have to be consistent. Host a weekly trivia question on the same day and time. It’s the predictability that will draw regular visits to your page.

7. Promote Events on Facebook
Facebook has some great features to help you promote events, so take advantage of them. To create an event for the first time, click the Edit Page button on the upper right of your page. This takes you to the administrator panel where you can choose Apps from the menu on the left. Look for events and follow the steps. Be sure to invite your friends to get the ball rolling, and encourage sharing to grow the event.

8. Get a unique Facebook URL
When you create a new page for a business you will need 25 fans in order to get a unique Facebook URL. So beg, plead, and cajole to meet that quarter benchmark. Because when you do, a simplified link is in your future. What’s the big deal? Well, which would you rather have on your email footer:

Find us on Facebook:
Find us on Facebook:

9. Facebook Polls
One of my favorite new features for pages is Facebook polls. If you want to see your Facebook insights rise create a poll on your page and send invitations to your friends. The best polls are quick and easy to answer. It’s not a math test, so don’t make anyone think too hard. Polls are also great for R&D. If you have an ice cream store, use a poll to let fans decide you next new flavor. It gives you insight into their favorites, and let’s your fans feel involved in the success of your brand.

10. Be Colorful, Creative and Complete
The three C’s. Colorful: update your photos with nice images to showcase your products, people and location. We’re drawn to imagery so make it interesting. Creative: this is your space, not to be confused with MySpace, so let your page reflect who you are. Complete: So many people get started on social media but lose the desire or get too busy to finish the page. Make sure your information is complete and that you’re using all the tools Facebook provides. And if you need some help, ask. There are lots of social media experts out there. If all else fails, ask your kids.